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Isle Dance

So true. I support school uniforms/dress codes for many additional reasons, too.

Sr. Officer Troy Young

I agree with the dress code idea. But just to let you know the reality of this kid actually walking around without dropping a gun is very slim. Not to say that one can’t easily conceal a small handgun anywhere, but we can’t rely on clothing alone. School staff should be trained in observing and looking for the actions and behaviors of a person carrying concealed. Remember, “it’s not what they look like, but what they do…” Here are a few points:

1. Approximately 90% of the world’s population is right handed
2. 99% of those who carry a concealed handgun illegally do not use a holster; too bulky
3. #1 & #2 places handguns are concealed illegally; dominant side accessible, front and rear waist band (it’s a toss up on which is more frequent)
4. Clothing Characteristics
a. Shirttail is usually out
b. Out of season, i.e. large coat or sweat shirt/hooded shirt on a hot day
c. Protrusions
d. Creases
e. Caused by butt, hammer or barrel of the gun
5. Coat/Jacket Characteristics
a. Pocket hem line lower on gun side, or hood on sweat shirt drooping
b. Pocket side with gun will swing while subject is walking, subject will hold the pocket while walking
6. A non holstered, loaded metal gun pointed at your crotch and/or in the middle of your spine will create certain tale, tale signs and behavior
a. The gun will shift when the person moves around, causing him to instinctively secure or adjust the gun
b. The securing/adjusting is usually done with the dominant side hand, palm, wrist or forearm
c. For better support and concealment the subject will usually keep the dominant side hand close to the gun or at least the body
d. Will use other hand to make gestures while talking
e. Will turn gun side away from suspecting individuals
f. Will keep gun side hand near body when walking or running
7. Tips and tactics when dealing with suspected gun carrier
a. If staff suspects gun carrier, call police
b. School staff should never approach alone
c. Try to guide subject to secure area and wait for police, or
d. Try to remove innocents from area without letting on what you are doing
e. Illegal gun carriers have to make an overt movement (very noticeable if you are looking for it) to retrieve the gun from its concealed area
f. Be thinking of cover (something that will stop a bullet) and escape routes

These are just a few points about illegal gun carriers. This in no way constitutes training in how to recognize armed persons or what to do. For training or more info contact Richard A. Hobson USDOJ ATFE, Washington, DC if he is still there.

Hope this helps, Thanks.

Sr. Officer Troy Young

Hjordes Norman

Thanks, Office Young. Excellent information - we will hand it out to our staff.

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