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I think these numbers show us that prevention work needs to start earlier. The quesitons is how do we get schools and other child based organizations to allow that to happen?



The teens that I have in Teen Support Group have been very open/honest about their

own personal relationships as well as those of their friends. Yes, the issues of abuse on teens and tweens is real and gaining strength. I feeel from the teens "feedback' for a solution, is :

1. Parent awareness (they tell me their parents don't keep up with them),

2. Parenting classes for all parents with children of all ages, yes especially the teens.

3. Make public notices for "Awareness of Teen Activity Seminars" available all over the state, in every city, make it a priority now, and don't wait until legislatures has to pass a law, do it now.

4. Our Teens say they feel they are in crisis mode most of the time. They don't take to adults about their issues, because they don't trust police, or other adults...

5. These are just some of the conversations I've had with my teens from The TAPP Program /HelpNow Outreach.

Sincerely concerned,


Isle Dance

Yes, all parents/kids should receive open education on this topic. Long before dating. Even if they are not allowed to date until they are eighteen. Which I know might sound extreme, but honestly, it's safe and secure and quite normal to set that limit, once adults begin to set that expectation.

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