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Child Safety Solution

Every single school I have worked with across the nation has the same problems - bullying! The kids know it's there, the teachers know and the school is aware of it. But . . . I don't see any real consequence for this behavior.

It must be mandatory for parents of the bully to be informed and given the consequence that will happen to both their child and themselves. It can't be tolerated!

Too many parents say "that's what kids do!" It was wrong when they were kids and wrong now. The ultimate price we pay is when the child being bullied decides enough is enough and retaliates big time.

Congratulations to Florida for being proactive and making it hurt where it counts!

Isle Dance

It's long overdue for those in charge of any one/thing to be held accountable for promoting and attempting to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Especially since the research and tools are there to make it happen. There are no excuses. Because when one is repeatedly sent the message that they are worthless - not worth protecting - the body and brain believe it. And when you believe it, you live it. To the best of your ability.

Debbie Johnson

Dear Jan,
Thank you for the excellent article you did on bullying and Jeff's Law. The media deserves some major kudos for keeping the issue alive in the hearts and minds of parents and teachers, not just in Florida, but all over the country. From the time he was just a toddler, people would smile at Jeff and tell us, "That little boy is going to change the world some day!" We never doubted it for an instant... We just always thought he would be alive at the time. In the note he left, he asked everyone to try not to be sad or miss him too much, and that the world couldn't change no matter how much you wish it could. He just didn't want to be part of a world like that.
I am happy to report that we now have a legislator willing to sponsor Jeff's Bill at the national level, and we are hoping to start a national campaign following the election. We are prepared for the inevitable challenges from the various groups that feel the heartbreak of a few teenagers isn't worthy of Congressional notice, and in to be honest, we welcome the discussion because that is what has brought about the greatest changes in our state. Once schools and parents were able to acknowledge the problem and start talking about it without the pointing fingers and laying blame, we actually started finding some solutions that actually work. Rather a law is passed or not, as long as the issue continues to be a topic of discussion, we will continue to make progress in making schools a safer place for ALL students to learn.
Debbie Johnston
(Jeff's Mom)

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