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Isle Dance

Thanks for sharing this.

Clearly, there are two different issues in this arena, with laws that fail to differentiate.

Young, dating couples are not sex offenders.

Even though I think it's harmful to encourage dating/sex before eighteen, not everyone believes it's possible to avoid (though somehow I did).

On a related note, I also think it's harmful to blend families and expect the unrelated opposite-sex children to now, all of a sudden, view each other as blood siblings. They're not. Which can naturally create unfair sexual shame and confusion.

Gosh, I wish I sounded more positive when posting here! :o)


I am a Social Work student and as part of a social policy class my group has created a blog looking at age of consent laws in Canada. As Canada has recently changed the age of consent from 14 to 16, we are looking at some issues that are related to the posted vidoe clip. I hope I can share this blog and please comment or ask any questions you may have:
Thank you


It all comes down to prevention and that prevention needs to start in pre-school. By teaching kids that they are in charge and that no one can make them do things that they don't want is the first step. I have found that using this program is an excellent first step in doing so.

Dr. Dan Williams

Prevention is the key. Open communication and educating children is imperative without making them hyper vigilant and paranoid. Treating perpetrators in this society is next to impossible, and the funds are not there not even addressing the high recidivism rate. Please visit www.abovehisshooulders.com I have recently written a book that strongly supports yellow dyno awesome website keep up the good work

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