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Certainly no one wants to live near a sex offender, but at the same time, I'd much rather be able to find out where they are because they have a stable residence than have to wonder where they are because they are homeless. What is the solution?

Marc G.  Florida

Where do we expect these people to live, work and sleep? Our legal system is so over-burdened when it comes to child molesters that sleeping in plain sight could become the norm. That's a scarey thought. Jessica's law could not have predicted this loophole or out come, so no fault there. The legal system needs to address a life time problem with a life time solution.
Marc G.


I will be in the same home with a sex offender. He was chatting online only and never met the gal. My son was 22 and she was 15. They chatted for over a year and were both just plain stupid. My son had NO idea what he was doing was illegal and knew that if he ever met her it WOULD be illegal. We need to teach our kids and young adults what is illegal - we need to start at home, watch our kids and our teen girls. Education is the key. Registration? What a joke that has become. My son will be on it and he's no danger to anyone and it is obvious if anyone met him but alas, people will now be too afraid of him for the rest of his life. How sad for a young man to make one mistake and pay the rest of his life. Funny thing is almost all of my friends when I was growing up - would be sex offenders - if the laws that are in effect now, were in effect then. Amazing how backwards our country has become. Teens have had consensual sex for years and years - why are they now on the registry? Chat should not be a lifetime of registry. Take away their computers (both the girl and my son) for five years, let them mature a little bit. See how my son does for 5 years. Get him therapy and see if he is a danger to society. They do nothing but toss them in prison and give them a lifetime of registration with so many restrictions it is almost impossible to have any sort of American life following that. All for consensual chat, wow.

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