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I was particularly struck by the statement issued by Rockstar Games, "Manhunt 2 fits squarely within the horror genre and was created to be an entertainment experience specifically for those players mature enough to appreciate it."

When does an individual achieve a maturity level in which what was described by James Steyer in article 2 as "pornographic violence" is appreciated? I am 30 years old and I don't believe I have or ever will achieve that level of "maturity". Unfortunately, I think that this is a result of the desensitizing of our chidren through all kinds of media, as Jan has discussed in previous memos, which elevates an person's TOLERANCE level. A totally different thing than a person's MATURITY level. In fact, to me, one seems to stunt the other.

Very, very sad.

Ms. J

I'm certain that I would not consider a scene where a man's testicles are mutilated with pliers as entertaining.

This company can hide behind the words "creative expression" but it really boils down to their lack of morals and social responsibility. They can blame the well informed parent for purchasing this game. But who's watching out for the less infomed parent. They are not necessarily intellectually or cognitively on pace with others their age or savy to what's happening with teenage technology, or in touch with their children's needs. Then who holds the key to social integrity. This company is actually hiding under the guise of marketing to a responsible mature audience. I wonder how many sneaky, street-wise teens and tweens are out there playing the game in the homes of this informed adults.

Aside from all this, sociopaths are training other sociopaths on how to inflict new ways to harm and pain on our society. Some of these children will have lost the ability to feel remorse, guilt, shame, or experience right from wrong and likely won't ever due to the de-sensitization that is created by trashing these kids and possibily adults' minds. It gives me great pause to think that the generations just behind mine will one day be caring for my needs as I age. I hope pliers are prohibited at my assisted living home.

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