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I was wondering if you had any information on the protection that school uniforms give to children while at school - in regards to pedifiles and not being able to pick children out because they all look the same? This is what our school is claiming and I wanted to know if there were any facts to support this?


jan Wagner

Ask your school for proof in the form of research or an article by an expert.

Could you pick out your child even if they were in a uniform with other children? They can certainly pick out a child too.


I like this section of your website. The information in this section is easily accessible, current, and provides immediate answers to questions I have without having to search and search for what I am are looking for. Well done. I use it often for my research papers.

Mandy Bowrenb

We live next door to a 2nd degree sex offender. I did not even know that he was an offender until I had lived here for 6 yrs. He pleaded no contest to accusations his 15 yr. old former step daughter made against him. We have never had a problem with this neighbor. We have 2 young children.
However, we have been trying unsuccessfully to sell our house- and now are trying to rent it. The first potential renter found out about the registry and opted out of our house. The 2nd is ready to sign the agreement but clearly hasn't looked up the registry- and our attorney said that we are not obligated to tell her. Yet we feel ethically torn. This renter has a 14 yr old daughter and 5 yr old son.
What are our rights in this situation?

jan Wagner

This is difficult. Legal verses Moral.

Renting your home to a family who have children in the preferred age range of a convicted predator who lives next door is risky.

Consider going back to your lawyer and see of the he can review his case. Are there evaluations by his parole officer available to the public? How many years has it been since his conviction? There are many questions. Please let us know how you work this out so others can use your experience to help them.

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